Soft Leather / De Pamela / Heresy Grove

Come and enjoy music from these three great Toronto acts from 7pm on. Thursday, August 11th. $10/PWYC!

Soft Leather

Hailing from Toronto, this five-piece group is headed by David Missio, formerly of Entire Cities. Missio’s lyrics explore emotional topics in playful ways and his growling vocals exude a true rock and roll energy. Influenced by 60’s rock, 90’s grunge and the Velvet Underground, Soft Leather’s hot guitar riffs, driving beats and occasional keyboard freakouts may remind you of something you thought was forgotten.

De Pamela

a Toronto-based indie rock/pop band that writes songs about disappointing boyfriends, the way a bad memory never goes away, and how nice it feels to escape the city in the summer. Influenced by bands like Weezer and Cub, De Pamela pairs grungy guitars with sweet vocals, poppy melodies and catchy keyboard hooks in a way that will make you say, “hey, this rocks” and also, “this is fun.”

Heresy Grove

Heresy Grove is rockabilly on the ziggurat, poems on the night playground, solid state youth centre punk, tighty-whitey kudzu country. Don’t quite know what that means? I guess you’ll just have to come to find out!


Thursday, Aug 11, 2022


9:00 pm - 12:00 am
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