The Quinte Flight: A Night of Quinte’s Best Bands!

Meyers Creek Records Present The Quinte Flight! A night of Quinte’s best bands.

June 2nd at Hotel Wolfe Island. 7pm doors. 7:30pm music starts.


Bad Tractor

Meyers Creek Records released the debut album from the Quinte region band Bad Tractor in 2018. Since that time the album, Blessington, has gone on to define the sound of the Quinte groove, and Meyers Creek Records have expanded to add more artists to their roster.

Upcoming albums of original material are now in the works from Bad Tractor, as well as Hayley and the Pirate Queens and Rubbin’ Elbows.

Bad Tractor were formed in 2016 by Tim Hadley and Ian McKendry. They wanted to form a group of like minded musicians who could play a mix of folk, traditional country, experimental music and rock and roll. The group have continued to evolve and are now mixing their second album, Inland Sea with the hope of a fall 2023 release. Members of Bad Tractor are also members of other bands on the Meyers Creek label.

Hayley and the Pirate Queens

Hayley Austin, a native of Portsmouth England, has been writing and refining her songs for many years now. She has joined forces with bassist Tim Hadley and drummer Nathan Mahaffy to form Hayley and the Pirate Queens. They are working hard, carving out a unique place in the alt-roots landscape. The band are just mixing their debut album of original material. They completed a successful tour of Northern Ontario and were rapturously received at Toronto’s legendary Dakota and Horseshoe Taverns.

Rubbin’ Elbows

Rubbin’ Elbows are an acoustic duo. Alexandra Bell and Nathat Mahaffey have played together for many years and are active in bringing musicians together by hosting the monthly Night Kitchen 2 at the Pinnacle Playhouse and the series Rubbin’ Elbows and Friends at the Theatre in the Wings. They write original songs and play some cool obscure covers. Nathan and Alex are members of Bad Tractor, and Nathan plays with Hayley and the Pirate Queens.



Friday, Jun 02, 2023


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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