Music on The Island to Send Music to Turkey

A fundraiser for musicians in earthquake-ravaged southeastern Turkey
Saturday, March 4 starting at 7:00pm 
Catch the 6:00pm ferry from Kingston
Please bring cash
Door prize draw


In the words of our co-worker, Caitlin:

Dear Friends, 

I am sure you are all aware of the devastating earthquakes which have recently struck Turkey and neighbouring Syria. As some of you may know, my brother Morgan lives in Kayseri, Turkey, with his wife Armagan, and their children. 

In speaking with Armagan and Morgan in recent weeks about the devastation and loss, my sadness propelled me to want to take action. I reached out to @hchrisbrown at the Hotel, asking whether I could organize a fundraiser for Turkey at the Hotel Wolfe Island — in typical Chris fashion, I got a reply about 30 seconds later; “of course!”

Armagan has met with many people who lost their homes, along with everything they own, and who are currently residing in student dorms. She met Sefer, who is an ozan (a musical poet) was lost all of his writings and poetry, along with his two beloved saz (a Turkish instrument, akin to a guitar) beneath the rubble. He pointed out that while furniture and other belongings can be replaced, his poems are lost forever. 

Armagan was able to raise some funds to purchase him a new saz, and I have included an image of him playing his new instrument. I was inspired by Armagan and Sefer to direct the funds raised towards the purchase of new instruments for those who lost theirs in the earthquakes. Music has a wonderful capacity to heal, and I hope with the funds raised we can bring some joy back into the lives of people who have experienced so much grief and loss.

An exceptionally talented group of jazz musicians, “Clear Breeze” will be performing live in support of this event! For those who wish to attend, please bring cash to donate in support of the fundraising effort, and also to put into a hat for the musicians who are generously providing us with incredible entertainment for the evening.

I am suggesting that anyone who is interested in attending should catch the 6:00 PM boat from Kingston, and The Hotel is a five minute drive from where the ferry lands on Wolfe Island. I hope to see you there!




Saturday, Mar 04, 2023


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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