Deborah Schuurmans: Classical Piano at the Market

Part of the 6th Annual
a celebration of Culture and Agriculture
June 8 – 18, 2023

Deborah Schuurmans will be performing during the Saturday morning Market at Wolfe Island Commons, across the street from the Hotel, beginning at 10am.

Deborah Schuurmans

Deborah Schuurmans, the soulful Canadian composer and pianist, creates music that is a journey for the heart and soul. Her cinematic piano pieces rise and fall with emotive intensity, evoking a sense of peace and presence in the moment. With each note, Deborah takes her listeners on a captivating and deeply personal journey through sound, creating strong visual imagery that transports them to another place and time.

Growing up, Deborah’s musical influences included Chopin, Debussy, and Tin Pan Alley. Drawing on her classical training and her own natural creative instincts, she blends these influences to create her own unique and intrinsic harmonies and melodies.

Deborah’s first series of songs, such as Spinning in Time, Light Spectrum, Sinking into Air, Riding with the Wind, and Falling In, are infused with her love of nature, the universe, and spirit. Created from her subconscious, these pieces are a beautiful manifestation of connectivity between nature, humanity, and the heart.

Her other series of pieces were born from her personal experiences of love and loss. These emotive pieces are a reflection of the human experience and serve to remind us of the importance of feeling deeply and connecting with our hearts.

Deborah’s ultimate dream is that her music will contribute to creating a universal love for all souls. Her intention is for her listeners to feel their hearts stir with emotion and to be moved by the beauty and power of her music.

Deborah will also be performing at her album release show the night before, 7pm on Friday June 9th.




Saturday, Jun 10, 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am




The Market at Wolfe Island Commons
1236 County Rd 96, Wolfe Island, Ontario
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