Cody Allen James & Good Co. / Brock Mattsson

Part of the 6th Annual
a celebration of Culture and Agriculture
June 8 – 18, 2023

PLEASE NOTE — There will be no Open Mic tonight. Open Mic Wednesdays will resume on June 21st.


Born and raised in rural Ontario, Cody Allen James spent the lion’s share of his early years back in the fields of his family’s farm. Raised on an equal blend of Bluegrass and Rock n Roll, Cody began playing guitar in his early teens. However, his natural sense of rhythm and song structure quickly led him to become a go-to drummer for many local hardcore and punk acts. James graduated from his hometown scene and left for Toronto, where he continued to hone his skills as a drummer and vocalist in numerous garage rock and hardcore acts. All the while he had been quietly amassing a catalogue of songs of an entirely different variety – simple, bare, and honest.

The pandemic hit bringing all other musical activities to halt, but Cody’s songwriting only accelerated. Sensing he was really onto something, he commissioned the skills of some of his favorite players he has met over the years and had them cut tracks remotely on what would become his self-produced debut. Inspired by the success of his first outing, Cody’s focus has become singular and his well of material overflowing. He has relocated to Kingston to have more time and space to invest in his craft – a decision that pays daily dividends. These days he can be found writing songs in Portsmouth Village.


Singer / Songwriter Brock Mattsson started his sound in Barrie, ON and now resides in the mouth of the St. Lawrence on Prince Edward Island. “Mattsson is somewhat of a new and quite mysterious artist in the country world” says Flex Music Blog. But growing up and looking up to his Grandfather Larry Mattsson, a Canadian Country Music Star, Brock is no stranger to country music. With only two singles out currently, ‘Rather Be With You’ and ‘Are You Thinking of Me’. Brock takes listeners back to the 60’s, where artists like George Jones, Porter Wagoner and Merle Haggard all sang about life, in all its love and heartache. In the past Brock has performed over Southern and Northern Ontario as a solo artist and band, hoping to bring his love of country music to all those whose love for it still flourishes.






Wednesday, Jun 14, 2023


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Hotel Waterfront Patio
1236 County Rd 96, Wolfe Island, Ontario
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